April 19, 2006

Reasons Why Peonies Fail to Bloom

Peonies are staples in Midwest landscapes. They are easy-to-grow, long-lived, and reliable performers in the garden. However, when they do not bloom well, those of us in extension are often inundated with calls, emails, etc. There are several possible causes for failure to bloom.

Buds Don't Appear

If the buds do not appear (which is normally the case) some possible causes are:

1. Planted in too much shade. Peonies need at least 4-6 hours of direct sun to bloom well.

Submitting Turfgrass Samples for Disease Diagnosis

With the recent warm weather, lawns have turned vibrant green overnight. When brown patches appear in lawns during the season, lawn enthusiasts become discouraged. Many factors can cause poor health and browning of lawns - insects, diseases, animals, improper applications of lawn-care products, or environmental stresses such as heat and drought.