April 12, 2013

Growing Strawberries in the Home Garden

ISU Extension and Outreach publication # PM0717 has been revised and re-released with updated information on cultivars, planting options, mulching, disease and insect control, harvesting, and winte

Planting Raspberries in the Home Garden

Raspberries are a favorite of many home gardeners. The fruit can be eaten fresh or processed into jam, jelly, or juice. Surplus fruit can also be frozen. 

Raspberry plants are relatively easy to grow, very productive, and hardy in most areas of Iowa. The four types of raspberries commonly grown in home gardens include black, purple, summer-bearing red, and fall-bearing red. There are also several yellow raspberry varieties (cultivars).  

Winter Desiccation Injury to Conifers

The first samples to come in through the clinic at the beginning of the season are generally conifers and evergreens.