April 12, 2006


The Plant Disease Clinic recently received a geranium sample with brown, corky lesions on the undersides of the leaves. These lesions were not caused by an infectious disease or insect, but rather were the result of a physiological condition called edema (sometimes spelled oedema).

New Primocane Bearing Blackberries

Blackberry plants have perennial roots and biennial canes. The shoots (canes) of blackberries are strictly vegetative during the first growing season. These first year canes are referred to as primocanes. The following year, these same canes (now called floricanes) flower, produce fruit, and then die.

New Additions to the Lights Series of Hardy Azaleas

Developed and released by the University of Minnesota, the Lights Series of hardy, deciduous azaleas are excellent choices for Iowa landscapes. In 2005, the University of Minnesota released 2 new cultivars in this series.