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Hosta (Hosta species)


Highly collectable, hostas range in size, leaf color and pattern, sun tolerance and flower color and fragrance. Hostas are highly collectable and offer endless choices for the garden.

Uses- borders, rock gardens, mass planting, under mature trees and as a specimen plant

Bloom Time- Bloom time varies on the species and cultivar of hosta and ranges from early summer to fall.

Flower- Trumpet shaped flowers on stalks above the plant. Flowers are shades of white and shades of purple.

Height- Size ranges from miniature to wider than 5 feet.

Mature Shape- Forms a mounding clump.

Site Requirements- Plant in partial to full shade, species vary in sun tolerance. Plants prefer well-drained soils with high organic matter content.

Features- Hostas are valued for their leaves that range in colors from deep green, blue green, silver green, chartreuse and many others. Leaf pattern also varies including striped, mottled, lighter or darker margin color and the texture of the leaf.