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Hollyhock (Alcea rosea)


Hollyhocks are classic garden plants. Tall flower spikes produce flowers nearly all summer in a variety of colors.

Uses- As a background border in the garden, against a fence or wall and as a specimen plant.

Bloom Time- Mid-summer through early fall.

Flower- Flowers on a long, wand like spike in colors including: white, shades of yellow, pink, lavender, red and nearly black.

Height- 2 to 9 feet tall

Features- Hollyhocks are a biennial. The first year of growth they form a low growing rosette of leaves. Plants produce a flowering stalk the following year. Hollyhocks re-seed readily in the garden.

Site Requirements-Plant in full sun with well-drained soils.

Features- Cultivars of hollyhock are available that offer double flowers.