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Geranium (Pelargonium species)


Gardeners have used and loved geraniums for decades. Popular for their brightly colored, large flower cluster, geraniums provide color throughout the summer.

Uses- borders, beds, containers, window boxes and hanging baskets

Bloom Time- all summer

Flower- A densely flowered umbel, (cluster) reaching 2 to 3” across, held above the plant on a strong stem. Flower colors include: red, pink, salmon, white, orange and variegated.

Height- 12 to 20 inches tall

Mature Shape- Rounded

Site Requirements- Full sun, moist well drained soils and a cool root zone.

Features- Other types of geraniums commercially available include: ivy leaf geraniums which have a vine like habit making them ideal for window boxes and hanging baskets. Scented geraniums have deeply lobed leaves that are fragrant with scents including lemon, nutmeg, chocolate and peppermint.