Why does my fig tree lose some of its leaves during the winter?


Why does my fig tree lose some of its leaves during the winter?


Environmental conditions indoors during the winter months are often rather poor.  Low light levels, cold drafts, low relative humidities, and other environmental factors are stressful to plants.  The stressful conditions may cause figs and other houseplants to shed a few leaves in winter.  Good, consistent care during the winter months should keep leaf drop to a minimum. 

Fig trees prefer brightly lit sites near windows.  Sites near east and west windows are often best.  Make sure the plant is kept away from cold drafts or heat sources.  When watering a fig tree, continue to apply water until water begins to flow out the bottom of the pot.  Discard the excess water.  Allow the upper 1 inch of soil to dry before watering the fig tree again.  Figs, like most houseplants, don’t need to be fertilized during the winter months. 

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