Which blueberry varieties perform well in Iowa?


Which blueberry varieties perform well in Iowa?


Highbush and half-high blueberries can be successfully grown in Iowa. 

Highbush blueberries perform best in central and southern Iowa.  Plants develop into 6 to 8 foot tall shrubs.  Suggested varieties for gardeners in central and southern Iowa include ‘Patriot,’ ‘Blueray,’ ‘Bluecrop,’ ‘Rubel,’ ‘Jersey,’ and ‘Elliott.’ 

Half-high blueberries possess greater cold hardiness and are the best choice for gardeners in northern Iowa.  Plants are relatively small (varieties commonly grow only 2 to 3 feet tall) and produce small to medium size berries.  Suggested varieties are ‘Northblue,’ ‘Northcountry,’ ‘Northsky,’ and ‘St. Cloud.’ 

Plant 2 or 3 blueberry varieties to insure adequate pollination and fruit set. 


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