When should you harvest Asian pears?


When should you harvest Asian pears?


Asian pears (sometimes referred to as apple pears because of their round shape and crisp, firm texture) can be successfully grown in the southern half of Iowa.  Popular cultivars include ‘Chojuro,’ ‘Hosui,’ and ‘Shinseiki.’  

Asian pears, unlike European pears, should be allowed to ripen on the tree.  Color and taste are the best indicators of maturity.  The skin color of most Asian pears changes from green to yellow when ripe.  When the color change occurs, pick and sample a pear.  Ripe fruit should be crisp, crunchy, and sweet.  Harvest Asian pears when the fruit have the appropriate color and taste.  

Asian pears can stored for one to three months at a temperature of 32 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  However, Asian pears sometimes develop a strong, winy taste if stored for long periods. 


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