When should I fertilize my raspberries?


When should I fertilize my raspberries?


Fertilize established raspberries in early spring before new growth begins.  Apply 4 to 5 pounds of 10-10-10 or a similar analysis fertilizer per 100-foot row.  Uniformly broadcast the fertilizer in a 2-foot band.  If the raspberries are mulched with sawdust, wood chips, or corn cobs, apply a slightly heavier rate of fertilizer.  Specific fertilizer recommendations for your garden can be obtained by conducting a soil test. 

Manure may be substituted for chemical fertilizers.  Apply 50 to 100 pounds of barnyard manure (cow, hog, or horse) per 100-foot row. 

Do not fertilize raspberries in late spring or summer.  Late spring or summer fertilization encourages succulent, late season growth.  Late season growth is susceptible to winter damage.

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