What would be a good strawberry variety for the home garden?


What would be a good strawberry variety for the home garden?


Home gardeners can choose from 3 types of strawberries.  June-bearers are the most widely planted type of strawberry.  They produce one crop per year, the majority of fruit ripening in June.  A second type of strawberry is the everbearing strawberry.  Everbearing varieties typically produce fruit in June and late summer/early fall with little flowering or fruiting in the intervening weeks.  Day-neutral varieties are the third type of strawberry.  Day-neutral varieties flower and fruit throughout the growing season if temperatures are moderate.  Flower and fruit production stop during hot weather. 

Suggested June-bearing strawberry varieties for Iowa include ‘Earliglow,’ ‘Allstar,’ ‘Honeoye,’ ‘Surecrop,’ ‘Redchief,’ ‘Jewel,’ and ‘Kent.’  ‘Ozark Beauty’ and ‘Ogallala’ are good everbearing varieties.  ‘Tristar’ and ‘Tribute’ are the best performing day-neutral varieties. 


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