What growing conditions are best for indoor herbs?


What growing conditions are best for indoor herbs?


Light is typically the most limiting factor to successfully growing herbs indoors. Plants will need as much direct sunlight as you can provide. Most herbs need around eight hours of direct light each day when grown indoors. A south-facing sunny window is a great candidate, but a bright east or west-facing window can be good as well. 

The typical temperatures found indoors are ideal for herbs. Allow the soil to dry between each watering as most herbs do not tolerate wet soils. Containers should be appropriately sized. Those that are too large stay wet too long. Containers should have good drainage with well-drained potting mix. Clay or terracotta pots are great options for herbs because they are porous and dry out more readily. Grow each species of herb in its own container, as it is difficult to create the best growing conditions for multiple species of herbs in a single container. 

Herbs do not require as much fertilizer as other container plants but they do benefit from periodic light fertilization with a balanced all-purpose fertilizer solution at half or quarter strength. Fertilize in early spring through summer and avoid fertilization during the winter months. 

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