What are some good potato varieties for Iowa?


What are some good potato varieties for Iowa?


Several potato varieties perform well in Iowa.  A list of recommended potato varieties (along with a brief description of each) is provided to help you choose the best variety for your garden.

  • ‘Red Norland’ is an early maturing red variety that produces oblong, smooth potatoes with shallow eyes.  They are excellent boiled or mashed, but are only fair when baked.
  • ‘Russet Norkotah’ is an early season russet variety that produces blocky, oblong potatoes.  It is an excellent baking potato.
  • ‘Yukon Gold’ is an early season yellow-fleshed variety.  They are excellent baked, boiled, or mashed.  The potatoes also store well.
  • ‘Superior’ is an early to mid-season variety with round to oblong tubers and medium deep eyes.  The potatoes are very good baked, boiled, or mashed.  It is resistant to scab.
  • ‘Goldrush’ is a mid-season variety that produces oblong to oval tubers with a russet skin and white flesh.  Baking quality is very good.
  • ‘Katahdin’ is a late maturing white variety that produces smooth, round, shallow-eyed tubers.  Excellent for baking.
  • ‘Kennebec’ is a late maturing white variety with block-shaped tubers and shallow eyes.  Cooking quality is excellent.
  • ‘Red Pontiac’ is a late maturing red variety.  Potatoes are oblong with deep eyes.  It produces high yields with many large tubers.  Table quality is only fair.   Storage quality is very good. 

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