What are some good pear varieties for Iowa?


What are some good pear varieties for Iowa?


Pear varieties (cultivars) that perform well in Iowa include ‘Summercrisp’ (University of Minnesota introduction, large fruit, matures early August), ‘Moonglow’ (introduced by USDA, medium to large fruit, matures mid-August), ‘Bartlett’ (large fruit, matures late August, susceptible to fireblight), ‘Luscious’ (developed at South Dakota State University, medium-sized fruit, matures mid-September), ‘Patten’ (originated in Iowa, large fruit, matures mid-September), and ‘Seckel’ (sometimes called Sugar Pear, small fruit, matures mid-September). 

‘Moonglow’ and ‘Bartlett’ are not reliably hardy in northern Iowa.  They should be planted only in central and southern portions of the state.  All of the other aforementioned pear cultivars can be successfully grown throughout Iowa.