A recently purchased schefflera has begun to drop leaves. Why?


A recently purchased schefflera has begun to drop leaves. Why?


Most houseplants, including the schefflera, experience stress when moved from one location to another.  Environmental conditions in the average home are dramatically different (less favorable) than those in a greenhouse.  The less favorable growing conditions in the home are stressful to the plants.  Leaf drop occurs in response to this stress.  Leaf drop may continue for several weeks as it often takes houseplants 2 to 3 months to adjust to their new environment. 

The best way to keep leaf loss to a minimum is to place the houseplant in a favorable location in the home and give the plant good, consistent care.  The schefflera should be placed in a brightly lit location.  (Do not place the plant in direct sun.)  Average indoor temperatures and humidity levels are fine.  Allow the soil to dry moderately between waterings. 


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