My bittersweet vine doesn't produce any fruit. Why?


My bittersweet vine doesn't produce any fruit. Why?


American bittersweet (Celastrus scandens) is dioecious.  Dioecious plants bear male and female flowers on separate plants.  Gardeners need to plant at least one male and one female bittersweet vine to produce fruit.  Unfortunately, most bittersweet plants sold at garden centers and nurseries aren’t labeled as to sex.  As a result, several bittersweet vines should be planted to insure getting at least one male and one female plant. 

Autumn Revolution™ is a new cultivar of American bittersweet that has perfect flowers (both male and female flower parts are present).  A single Autumn Revolution™ vine will bear fruit. 

For best fruiting, plant bittersweet vines in full sun.

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