Is it possible to save tulip bulbs that have been forced indoors?


Is it possible to save tulip bulbs that have been forced indoors?


Tulips, hyacinths, and most other spring-flowering bulbs that have been forced indoors are usually discarded after flowering.  Most won’t bloom again when planted outdoors.  Daffodils are an exception.  Daffodils are more vigorous than tulips and most other spring-flowering bulbs.  Forced daffodils can be saved and successfully planted outdoors. 

The care after flowering is important if attempting to save forced bulbs.  After blooming, remove the spent flowers and place the plants in a sunny window.  Water regularly until the foliage begins to yellow.  At this point, gradually cut back on watering until the foliage withers and dies.  Carefully remove the bulbs from the potting soil, allow them to dry for 1 or 2 weeks, then store the bulbs in a cool, dry location.  Plant the bulbs in fall. 

More detailed information on forcing spring bulbs can be found in this article: How to Force Spring-Flowering Bulbs Indoors

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