How do you pick the perfect pumpkin?


How do you pick the perfect pumpkin?


What to Look For

When at the store or pumpkin patch look to purchase pumpkins that are firm, heavy, and uniform in color.  Avoid fruit with any cuts, holes, bruises, or soft spots on the outer surface.  Wash or brush any dirt off the pumpkin to be sure there are no damaged spots on the rind.  The rind should not feel spongy and pumpkins should have a deep hollow sound when knocked on with your hand. 

Unless it is being used for cooking, be sure it sits nicely and won’t wobble or fall over while on display.  Look for pumpkins with a stem still firmly attached to the fruit. Not only are they more attractive, but they are less likely to rot with a stem intact.  

How to Transport

Transport pumpkins in boxes or areas of the vehicle where they will not roll around in transit as this can cause cuts, bruises, or stems to be broken off.  Do not carry the fruit by their stems as it may not be able to support the weight of the fruit and may break off. 

What to Do Once You're Home

Once home, wash the outside of the pumpkin with soapy water or a solution of 10% bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water) to remove any fungus or bacteria that may cause rot.  When stored in a cool, dry location that will not freeze, pumpkins can be enjoyed for several months.

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