How do I propagate philodendron?


How do I propagate philodendron?


Trailing types of philodendron propagate easily from stem cuttings.  Stem sections 3 to 6 inches long with the lower leaves removed will readily root in water or rooting media, like perlite or well-drained potting soil.  If rooting in water, change the water frequently until new roots that are several inches long form and then pot in regular potting soil.  If rooting in perlite, a rooting hormone can accelerate the rooting process. 

Non-trailing types can be propagated from stem cuttings or offsets.  If offsets form, they can be gently separated from the parent plant and potted up.  Sections of stem with at least two nodes can also be removed and rooted in water or rooting media, such as perlite.  Stem sections that contain aerial roots tend to root more reliably.  The use of a rooting hormone will increase the rate at which new roots form.

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