How do I control perennial broadleaf weeds in my garden and lawn?


How do I control perennial broadleaf weeds in my garden and lawn?


Perennial broadleaf weeds die back to ground level in fall but send up new growth in spring.  These weed species have leaves that are wider and are typically botanically classified as eudicots (dicots).  Perennial weeds reproduce by seeds or may spread by creeping above or below ground stems or by spreading root systems. 

Keeping ahead of weeds and controlling them when they are small is essential for good weed management. This requires persistence throughout the entire growing season to remove weeds as they emerge. 

Cultivation, hand pulling, mulches, and herbicides are the primary means to control weeds in the home garden.  In addition to these methods, selective herbicides can be used in the lawn to control perennial broadleaf weeds.

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