How do I care for a poinsettia?


How do I care for a poinsettia?


Place the poinsettia in a plant sleeve or carefully wrap it before transporting the plant home.  Exposing the poinsettia to freezing temperatures, even for a few minutes, may cause its bracts and leaves to blacken and drop.  As soon as you get home, unwrap the poinsettia and place it near a sunny window or other well-lit location.  However, don’t let the plant touch the cold window pane.  Also, keep the poinsettia away from cold drafts or heat sources.  Poinsettias prefer temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Water needs can be determined with your finger.  Check the potting soil daily.  When the soil surface becomes dry to the touch, water the plant until water begins to flow out the bottom of the pot.  The pots of most poinsettias are placed inside decorative pot covers.  When watering a poinsettia, carefully remove the pot covering, water the plant in the sink, then drop the poinsettia back into the pot cover. 

When given good care, a poinsettia should remain attractive for several weeks, well after the Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays.