How do I care for a calceolaria?


How do I care for a calceolaria or pocketbook plant?


Place calceolarias in a brightly lit, cool location.  The location should receive bright light, but not direct sunlight.  Ideal temperatures are 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.  Check the potting soil daily.  When the surface of the potting soil becomes dry, promptly water plants.  If plants are kept too wet, they may suddenly wilt and die due to root rot.  Plants will quickly wilt if the potting soil is allowed to get too dry.  

Calceolarias often bloom for 2 to 4 weeks when given the proper environment and good care.  Plants should be discarded when flowering is completed.  

Calceolarias are often referred to as pocketbook plants because of the round, pouch-like shape of the flowers.