How can I control squash bugs?


How can I control squash bugs?


Squash bugs can be serious pests of summer and winter squash.  Squash bugs have piercing-sucking mouthparts.  Heavy feeding causes entire leaves to wilt, turn brown, and die.  Several methods can be used to control squash bugs in the garden.  Brick red egg masses on the undersides of leaves and squash bug adults can be removed by hand.  Adults can also be trapped under boards or shingles placed under the plants.  Turn the objects over daily and collect and destroy the hiding squash bugs.  Small, immature squash bugs (nymphs) can be controlled with insecticides, such as Sevin, permethrin, or insecticidal soap.  Sprays are generally more effective than dusts.  If the squash plants are blooming, spray in the evening after the honey bees have quit foraging for the day.  In fall, remove and destroy garden plant debris to deprive squash bugs of overwintering sites.  


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