Can I empty my pool water on the lawn without killing the grass?


Can I empty my pool water on the lawn without killing the grass?


In most cases, very little to no damage will occur to the lawn when a pool, hot tub, or other chlorinated water source is emptied on it, provided it is not done frequently, dumped all in one spot, and care is taken to reduce the chlorine concentration as much as possible from the typical range for a pool or hot tub (1 to 4 ppm) to levels much lower. In general, recycling pool water for irrigation is better done on turf than in other areas of the landscape.  Turf can endure higher chlorine levels than other landscape plants such as trees, shrubs, and ornamentals.

Before emptying, uncover the pool for at least ten days to allow the sunlight to dissipate the chlorine. Do not add chlorine during this time.  As you empty the pool, move the hose around the yard to avoid dumping all the water in the same spot.  To further prevent the possibility of damage, empty the pool over the course of several days instead of all at once.  Taking these steps will help to reduce the risk of damage from the pool water and allow you to recycle the water for irrigating the lawn.

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