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There are several ways you can find an answer!Garden Scene from Reiman Gardens

  • Browse or Search the FAQs.  With answers to over 2,000 frequently asked questions.
  • Consult the Online EncyclopediaFeatures in-depth information about Iowa garden plants, insects, and diseases.
  • Search the Care and How-To Articles.  Hundreds of in-depth articles that can be browsed by topic.
  • View the Archive of News Articles Thousands of current and past news articles covering a wide range of topics.
  • Visit the Iowa State Extension Store Featuring printed publications for purchase or as free downloadable PDF documents. 

Still Need Help? 

Your local county Extension office can provide even more information!
Master Gardeners or Extension Specialists are available in each county Extension office by email and/or phone.  

Find your local county Extension office here

Map of Iowa Counties
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Got a Question About a Plant Disease or Insect?

The Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic provides diagnosis of plant problems (plant diseases and insect damage) and the identification of insects.

For trees and shrubs plant problems, consider submitting digital photos to the Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic, to determine if submitting a sample is recommended for testing. Priority is given to physical samples.

Guidelines for sample submission: Pine/spruce conifers, Trees and shrubs (woody plants)Fruit (tree and small)Annual (herbaceous) plantsLawn.