AAS Winners are Great New Plants to Grow in Your Home Garden

Lactuca sativa ‘Bauer.' Photo by All-America Selections.

All-America Selections has been trialing edible and ornamental plants for over 90 years, presenting awards to entries that will impress home gardeners with their performance regionally or nationally. There have been plenty of exciting new winners that merit a place in your garden that will be highlighted in this series. 

Pisum sativum ‘Snak Hero.’ Photo by All-America Selections.

AAS Winners are grown and planted at nearly 200 Display Gardens all over the US and Canada, including nine gardens in Iowa. To see these winners and more, check out the All-American Selections' website and search under the Display Gardens tab. For a sneak peek at potential future winners, plan a visit to Reiman Gardens, an All-America Selections Trial Garden.

Spring is here (maybe?) and there are lots of tasty spring veggies to get going in your garden!

Lactuca sativa ‘Bauer’: A new lettuce winner that is great as a leaf or a head. Slow to bolt, beautiful dark green color, and ready in a month at baby leaf stage and two months for full head. Ready for fresh salads every night! 

Pisum sativum ‘Snak Hero’: Bet these won’t even make it inside from the garden! Looks like a garden pea, but tastes more like a snap pea. Upright, compact growth makes harvest a snap! Sow when soil temps are over 45 degrees for fresh peas in 65 days.

Brassica oleracea ‘Prizm.’ Photo by All-America Selections.

Brassica oleracea ‘Prizm’: Start this gorgeously-ruffled kale now to enjoy all season long. ‘Prizm’ is very productive and only gets better and more vigorous the more you harvest. Lasts well into the summer heat and works in both fresh and cooked applications.

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