Winter Animal Protection for Trees, and Shrubs

Deer, rabbits, mice, voles, and other animals can cause a lot of damage on trees and shrubs over the winter months.  Prevention is key to managing these garden pests.  By taking steps in the fall, you can prevent damage from occurring over the winter.

These animals may feed on trees and shrubs during the winter months and severely damage or destroy plants.  Damage is most likely to occur when food is scare during prolonged periods of snow cover.  Mice and rabbits may girdle the trunks of small trees, effectively destroying them.  Deer may devour the foliage on the lower branches of arborvitae, pines, and other evergreens. In fall, bucks rub their antlers on trees to remove the dried velvet from their antlers and to mark their territory.  This rubbing removes the thin layer of bark on small trees and can seriously damage or destroy them.

Below are a few resources to help manage these critters and prevent damage to your garden plants through the winter months.



Voles & Mice


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