Principles of Pruning, The Suppression Cut

This installment of Principles of Pruning focuses on a suppression cut. Iowa State horticulture specialist Jeff Iles is back and demonstrating a suppression cut on an ornamental Pekin Lilac.

“With an ornamental tree we don’t try to alter the growth habit, we are trying to go with what the tree gives us,” Iles said. “But we are going to pay attention to those lower branches, make sure the tree fits on the site, today and 20 years from now. We want to look for rubbing branches and finally any branches that could cause injury to the plant if we have a high wind event.”

Iles said trees should be looked at each year, so as not to have a problem that could last or endanger the plant’s health.

For more information, check out the Tree and Shrub care page, and for more videos on pruning, plant health and pest management, check out the Iowa State Integrated Pest Management YouTube Page.


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