BugGuide Needs Your Help!

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Please consider supporting BugGuide.net. Your donations will help us fund a staff member that can work on development and a half-time staff member working on collaboration with other projects and agencies like iNaturalist and LepSnap and the Nature Conservancy and the Xerces Society and USGS and others.

BugGuide.net is an example of all the best things about the internet. Dedicated volunteer identifiers, editors, taxonomists, laypeople, photographers, and many more working together to create something that no one could have done alone.  It is easy to report BugGuide numbers, like the fact that on a typical day more than 20,000 people visit BugGuide. Numbers are impressive, but numbers don’t really give you a sense of what BugGuide means to people.  To start to understand what it means, please watch the video below.  We hope they give you a glimpse into the information, enthusiasm and joy that is BugGuide.

BugGuide's fall fundraiser is happening now.

Some numbers as well:

  • Currently BugGuide has over 34,500 contributors, 235 editors and 141 experts.  These are all volunteers who care about BugGuide and what it can accomplish.
  • This year BugGuide has already had 26 million page views.
  • Bugguide houses almost 1.2 million images
  • BugGuide has information on 35,219 species of North American arthropods.