Consulting Arborists and Alternatives to Ash Trees in the Landscape

Three new publications have been released to help Iowans make decisions concerning management of emerald ash borer and suggested trees to replace ash trees in your landscape.

Consulting Arborists Providing Service in Iowa” (FOR 366B) lists people and companies who possess certifications in arboriculture from the International Society of Arboriculture and can advise on tree care, treatment and replacement.

Small-stature Trees for Iowa - Ash Alternatives” (FOR 405) and “Shade Trees for Iowa - Ash Alternatives” (FOR 406)  provide information on small trees and shade trees, respectively, that are suitable for the Iowa landscape when replacing an ash tree or finding the right species to plant.

Read more about these new publications in the Iowa State University Extension & Outreach news release from August 9, 2017.


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