Helping Plants Survive an Early Spring or Late Freeze

Unseasonably warm temperatures in February caused some trees, shrubs and bulbs to start growing earlier than usual.  The following Yard & Garden News Releases from Iowa State University Extension & Outreach explain the consequences of early growth and what can be done about it and are available at the Extension website

Dealing with Premature Flowering Spring Bulbs (2/15/17)

Winter 2017 has been unusually mild in Iowa, with daily high temperatures in the 50s and 60s and approaching record highs. This is good news for those who dislike snow and icy conditions, but it can confuse spring-flowering bulbs and lead to early growth.

Protecting Plants from Late-Spring Freezes (3/1/17)

Late-spring frost and freezing temperatures are always possible in Iowa. Protecting plants from such events is important, but when should precautions be removed?

Handling Early-Flowering Trees and Shrubs in Freezing Temperatures (2/23/17)

February brought unusually warm temperatures across Iowa, with record highs topping the 70-degree mark. Return to more-seasonable winter temperatures could confuse trees, shrubs and plants which flower earlier than normal. Will this cause problems?

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