October will be Firewood Awareness Month

The appearance of the emerald ash borer in new locations around Iowa reminds us of the harm that comes when invasive pests are inadvertently moved with firewood.  How to help?  Follow these steps from the USDA: 

  • Always buy firewood that was cut locally or that has been properly heat-treated to kill any pests that may have been in or on it. If you’re unsure if the firewood is local or treated, ask the seller.
  • When traveling, buy firewood at your destination or purchase firewood that is labeled treated and certified. Many recreational areas have firewood for sale. Inquire when you make your reservations.
  • When you purchase firewood at your destination, burn it all—don't take it back home with you.

Firewood will be the month-long focus of two organizations, Don't Move Firewood and Hungry Pests.  The two groups are excited to co-launch the first ever Firewood Awareness Month during October 2016!  Read more at Don'tMoveFirewood.Org.


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