Summer Webinars Help Gardeners Be Waterwise

In the Master Gardener webinar, Water in the Garden, ISU Extension and Outreach horticulturist Denny Schrock and Master Gardener Jamie Beyer will discuss various water saving techniques to apply to the garden and how to incorporate creative water features in your landscape.


During the class, Schrock will focus on waterwise landscaping while Beyer will talk about water features. “We’ll present the principles of xeriscaping, a low-water use landscaping, and using low-water-tolerant plants adapted to Iowa landscapes,” said Schrock.


“With climate change, it’s apparent Iowans will need to adapt to changing weather patterns that include more weather extremes—hotter and drier drought cycles, with more intense storms,” said Schrock. “The waterwise landscaping will lay the framework for developing a landscape that will better withstand weather extremes.”


To find out where to catch the webinar in an Extension & Outreach office near you, go to





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