Emerald Ash Borer in Tenth County – Henry

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A larva collected from a tree in Mt Pleasant Iowa has been positively identified as an emerald ash borer (EAB).  Henry County is the tenth county in the state where the destructive pest of ash trees has been confirmed.

EAB larvae are borers that live under the bark of all species of ash trees (Fraxinus spp.).  The tunneling by the larvae kills ash trees usually within 2 to 4 years after the tree becomes infested.  Tens of millions of ash trees have been killed in the 23 states where EAB has been detected since its initial discovery in Michigan in 2002. 

The EAB infestation in Mt. Pleasant was suspected by a local lawn care company working in the area.  The concern was brought to the attention of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Department of Agriculture & Land Stewardship.  Follow-up inspections found symptoms of EAB in examined trees.  A larva collected and sent to USDA specialists was confirmed by a federal identifier.

Read the news release at the Iowa State University Extension & Outreach web site.

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Bark peeled from infested tree to reveal an EAB larva and the S-shaped tunnels.Bark peeled from infested tree to reveal an EAB larva and the S-shaped tunnels.