Iowa Statewide Quarantine Established for Emerald Ash Borer

The entire state of Iowa has been quarantined for the emerald ash borer (EAB) by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship on February 4, 2014.  Hardwood firewood, ash logs, wood chips, and ash tree nursery stock cannot be moved out of Iowa into non-quarantined areas of other states. See map below. This statewide quarantine replaces the 25-county quarantine for eastern Iowa issued November 1, 2013. You can read the entire news release at the ISU Extension and Outreach website:


“The Iowa EAB Team determined that a whole-state approach to the quarantine is warranted at this time.  Communities need to focus on planning and implementing proactive measures to prepare for EAB in their urban forest,” said State Entomologist Robin Pruisner.


Iowa has several solid waste management planning areas that are multi-county, where counties share a landfill or other disposal methods (e.g., incineration).  Movement across county lines may be the most cost-effective way to handle ash wood disposal for parts of Iowa.


Quarantines have not proved successful in limiting the spread of EAB in the 12 years since this invasive exotic insect was discovered in Detroit, Michigan.  Quarantines are quite effective in limiting the spread of other invasive species, such as gypsy moth.


The new EAB quarantine allows a person to move hardwood firewood through all of Iowa’s 99 counties, but the Iowa EAB Team strongly recommends that firewood not be moved out of the county of origination, as many other insects (e.g., Asian longhorned beetle) and some plant pathogens (e.g., thousand cankers of walnut) can be moved on firewood.  The slogan, “Buy local, burn local” still applies to firewood in Iowa.


Although Iowa is now quarantined for EAB, the Iowa EAB Team will still continue to track down known infestations on a county-by-county basis.  This will assist in limiting the number of preventive insecticide applications done to sites within 15 miles of a known infestation.  See ISU Extension & outreach pamphlet PM2084 for treatment options. 


For a county to be recognized as EAB infested, an insect life stage must be collected by Iowa EAB team members and verified by USDA APHIS entomologists.  Please report suspect trees to ISU Extension (515-294-0581), IDALS Entomology Bureau (515-725-1465), or the IDNR Forestry Bureau (515-281-4915).



The entire state of Iowa is quarantined for the emerald ash borer.  Counties with confirmed EAB infestations are indicated in red.The entire state of Iowa is quarantined for the emerald ash borer. Counties with confirmed EAB infestations are indicated in red.


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