Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update - July 12, 2013

The following are highlights and updates about samples and questions recently received in the Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic. Visit the PIDC’s Facebook page to ask questions and for updates and more pictures.



Bagworm eggs have hatched and small caterpillars are present in at least some areas of the southern half of the state.  See the photos below.  Note how small bagworm bags are when they start out on their way to growing to nearly 2 inches in length.



Reports of tomato leaf spots on tomato have been common, especially Septoria leaf spot.  See the article elsewhere in this issue.


We have also seen some root rotting issues on veggies of all sorts, especially those planted in low spots or areas with poor drainage.


This year we expect to see tree symptoms associated with stress. Young trees had a hard time establishing a good root system with last year's drought. As a result, we are seeing leaf yellowing or leaf scorching this year. In older trees, we have seen some canker issues which are usually associated with stress. For example, we have seen Botryosphaeria on oaks and Cytospora on spruces.



Early instar bagworms from arborvitae tree.Early instar bagworms from arborvitae tree.



Small bagworms beginning to feed on arborvitae.Small bagworms beginning to feed on arborvitae.


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