Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update - April 26, 2013

News Article

Highlights remain few and far between in the Clinic as cold and rainy weather continues to inhibit everything from field work, to gardening, to insect and plant disease development.  It feels like it won't be long now until spring is actually here.  At least we can hope.


Accidental invaders, including the boxelder bugs and multicolored Asian lady beetles continue to annoy.  Like the rest of us they are anxious to be outside but are hanging around indoors until the green returns to the trees. 

Joining the list this week of accidental invaders that annoy are the jumping spiders.  These small, robust spiders are more interesting than dangerous.  As with the other accidental invaders, vacuuming or sweeping up to discard or relocate outdoors is the practical management option this late in the accidental invader cycle.

See the ISU Extension & Outreach pamphlet PM1722, Common Spiders In and Around Homes, for more information.  Jumping spiders are discussed on page 3.

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Jumping spider on window screen.  Photo by Jeff Hahn, Univ of MN

Jumping spider on window screen. Photo by Jeff Hahn, Univ of MN.