Mosquito Activity Report, September 28, 2011


The following is the summary of mosquito activity in Iowa from the ISU Medical Entomology Laboratory; September 28, 2011.


This late in the season mosquitoes are sparse and species diversity is as high as it has been all season.  As a result we find many interesting specimens in the traps, including a species called Culiseta minnesotae that has been found on only one occasion since mosquito collection records began in Iowa a century ago. It was previously collected in 1972 from Clay County and in this week's trap catches we identified four specimens (two male, two female) from Dubuque. It was certainly the highlight of the week! For more on this species see BugGuide.


Mosquito trapping and blood sampling (from chickens for west Nile virus detection) will cease for the season on Friday, October 7.


Visit the Iowa Mosquito Surveillance website to see the updated, mosquito collection data for the year. The statewide averages of mosquito counts by week (including a comparison to last year's mosquito activity) are shown.  Click on "County" on the left side of the page to see individual county data. Click "Year" to see historical data comparing yearly mosquito population trends.



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