Mosquito Activity Report, September 11, 2011

News Article


The following is the summary of mosquito activity in Iowa from the ISU Medical Entomology Laboratory; September 11, 2011.
The mosquito story is the same as it has been for weeks. Mosquitoes are sparse throughout the Iowa landscape and overall activity has declined steadily since early July. The exception remains the flooded western Iowa counties, where very intense CDC trap yields in July and August were enough to warrant concern for residents in proximity to the water; mosquitoes of all types (including both floodwater and vector species) were very abundant.
Due to the current chills in the late summer air, even rainstorms like the one we had in Ames this past week are not expected to cause any mosquito resurgence. It seems that we may indeed be coasting to that comfortable pest-free finish line.
Visit the Iowa Mosquito Surveillance website to see the updated, mosquito collection data for the year. The statewide averages of mosquito counts by week (including a comparison to last year's mosquito activity) are shown.  Click on "County" on the left side of the page to see individual county data. Click "Year" to see historical data comparing yearly mosquito population trends.