Recent Bed Bug Resources of Note

An avalanche of information is coming at us about bed bugs. For those interested in some recent developments and/or resources, here are links of possible interest. Enjoy.

Insecticide Resistance in Bed Bugs (a major problem!) by Colby Schal, North Carolina State University. Bottom line: do-it-yourself, over-the-counter insecticides are not effective because of resistance. Professional treatment is recommended.

Pesticide overuse becoming an issue.  A disturbing aspect of the bed bug problem is overuse and unsafe application of insecticides for bed bug control. The CDC found 111 cases of acute illness associated with bed bug-related insecticide use in 7 states analyzed (2003 – 2010, though 73% of the cases happened in 2008-2010). Eighty-one percent of illnesses were of low severity. The analysis included one fatality from insecticide over-application.

Polk County Health Department bed bug brochures and guidelines (schools, child cares, shelters, etc.).

Polk County Health Department Interview with "Bert the Bed Bug"

Illinois Department of Public Health bed bug fact sheets (schools and daycares, health care facilities, etc.)


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