Mole Control Reminder

News Article


One of the persistent pieces of misinformation and frauds of our time is the decades-old, and flat-out-wrong belief that use of insecticides will control moles in the lawn or landscape. It does not work.
The "main mole meal" is, and always was, earthworms. Moles eat other soil critters as they come across them, but there are not enough white grubs, beetle larvae and centipedes in the ground to keep moles fed.  
Modern insecticides that we use for white grub control no longer impact the earthworms. And that is a good thing. We need the earthworms! Since modern white grub insecticides do not reduce the mole's food supply, you are not accomplishing the stated goal of managing the mole. To recommend or sell white grub insecticides for mole control amounts to folly or fraud, depending on the degree of misunderstanding.
Read more about mole control in Horticulture and Home Pest News, April 3, 1998.