Perennial Catalogs

A hot bowl of chili is a great way to warm the body after spending time outdoors on a cold, winter day. A sure way to warm the spirits of gardeners on these gray, wintery days is to leaf through a stack of newly arrived garden catalogs. Wind chills, weather advisories, and aching backs are quickly forgotten (as least for a few minutes) as gardeners glance through the brightly colored catalogs and make plans for next spring and summer.

Perennials have become increasingly popular in the last 15 to 20 years. Gardeners can purchase perennials at local garden centers and mail-order nurseries. For your convenience, the mailing addresses and web sites of several mail-order companies that specialize in perennials is provided.  

Ambergate Gardens

8730 County Road 43

Chaska, Minnesota 55318              


Catalog: $3.00

Old House Gardens

536 Third Street

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

Heirloom perennials and bulbs                

Catalog: $2.00

Bluestone Perennials

7211 Middle Ridge Road

Madison, Ohio 44057


Catalog: Free

Paradise Garden

P. O. Box 267

Corryton, Tennessee 37721


Catalog: Free

Brent and Becky's Bulbs

7900 Daffodil Lane

Gloucester, Virginia 23061

Bulbs and tender perennials

Catalog: Free

Plants Delights Nursery

9241 Sauls Road

Raleigh, North Carolina 27603

Unusual perennials

Catalog: Free

Busse Gardens

17160 - 245th Avenue           

Big Lake, Minnesota 55309


Catalog: Online only

Roots and Rhizomes

P. O. Box 9    

Randolph, Wisconsin 53956       


Catalog: Free

Gilbert H. Wild & Son

P. O. Box 338

Sarcoxie, Missouri 64862

Peonies, daylilies, and irises

Catalog: Free

Song Sparrow Farm

13101 East Rye Road

Avalon, Wisconsin 53505

Woody plants and perennials

Catalog: Free

Greer Gardens

1280 Goodpasture Island Road

Eugene, Oregon 97401

Woody plants and perennials 

Catalog: Free  

Wayside Gardens

1 Garden Lane

Hodges, South Carolina 29695

Woody plants, roses, and perennials

Catalog: Free

Oakes Daylilies

P. O. Box 268

Corryton, Tennessee 37721


Catalog: Free

White Flower Farm

P. O. Box 50

Litchfield, Connecticut 06759

Shrubs, roses, perennials

Catalog: Free

No endorsement of companies or their products is intended in this listing, nor is criticism implied of similar companies or their products that are not shown.


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