Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update - April 22, 2009


The arrival of spring as brought the ants back into our kitchens. I had odorous house ants in my kitchen last week and yesterday saw my first carpenter ant. It is important to determine what species of ant is wandering around in your house before you start treatment. Here is a Guide to Common Ants in Iowa and if you cannot identify it yourself please submit it to the Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic.

The clinic has also received several samples of carpet beetle larva. These insects are stored product pests that often prefer items of animal origin such as wool, leather, dried milk, etc. They also will feed on dead insects such as lady beetles and boxelder bugs in the walls of homes. For more information please see our IIIN.


The clinic has received the following diseases in the past two weeks:

Winter injury and environmental stress on concolor fir

Diplodia and Dothistroma tip blight in Austrian pines

Rhizosphaera needle cast on blue spruce

Pagoda dogwood golden canker (pdf file)


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