Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update - March 11, 2009

The clinic received a sample of a pseudoscorpion. Pseudoscorpions have claws like a scorpion, but no stinger and are completely harmless. Pseudoscorpions live outside and are occasional accidental invaders indoors. Often they are found in bathrooms because they are looking for water. Pseudoscorpions found indoors can be taken back outside and released. For more information on pseudoscorpions please see our Insect Information Note.

We received our first sample of larger yellow ants for the spring. Larger yellow ants overwinter in basements and around foundations. Homeowners often notice them in the fall as they move into the house and the spring when they move back out. Larger yellow ants are harmless and will not forage in the kitchen or harm anything in the house. These indoor colonies usually have a mix of winged ants and smaller worker ants. For more information please see our Insect Information Note.

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