Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic Staff

We are happy to welcome Dr. Fanny Iriarte as our new clinic plant pathologist. Fanny comes to us from Florida where she was working with the USDA on methyl bromide alternatives for control of soil borne pathogens. She had previously worked at the University of Florida primarily on the management of bacterial speck and bacterial spot of tomato. Fanny received her Masters and PhD degrees at Kansas State University where she researched spring dead spot of Bermudagrass, dollar spot on bentgrass, and melting-out disease in bluegrass. Fanny is originally from Bolivia where she worked with growers to manage plant disease and insect pests of fruit trees, vegetable and horticultural crops.

The clinic is now fully staffed with Dr. Laura Jesse serving as director and entomology diagnostician, Fanny as the plant pathology diagnostician, and Rashelle Matthiesen-Anderson as our support diagnostician.

Contact Information: Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic, 327 Bessey Hall, ISU, Ames IA 50011. Phone: 515-294-0581. Email:

 Rashelle Matthiesen-Anderson, Laura Jesse, Fanny Iriate

ISU Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Staff. Left to right: Rashelle Matthiesen-Anderson, Laura Jesse, Fanny Iriarte


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