Antlions: It's the Pits

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Bob Dodds, Lee County Extension Education Director sent in a great photo of one our least-seen, common insects in Iowa: the antlion. Antlions are devious, cold-blooded killers. They make small, conical pits in loose sand in dry, sheltered locations (photo below). Unsuspecting ants that stumble into the pit slide to the bottom and are quickly sucked dry of all body fluids by the larva hiding just under the surface at the bottom of the pit.

Here is a link to a fuller description of the antlion. Enjoy!

Antlion Larva.  Photo by Bob DoddsAntlion Larva. Photo by Bob Dodds

Antlion pits.  Photo by Greg CourtneyAntlion pits. Photo by Greg Courtney