Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update - December 10, 2008

News Article

The following are a few of the samples or questions received the past month.


Drain flies are also known as moth flies and filter flies. All three names are descriptive, but for different reasons. the name "moth fly" refers to the fuzzy body and a vague resemblance to tiny moths. The names "drain fly" and "filter fly" refer to the habit of breeding in slow-running household drains and sewage plant filters, respectively. Moth flies are of little importance except as an annoyance and nuisance. They do not bite or sting or transmit pathogens. Control requires locating and eliminating larval breeding sites such as slimy drain pipes. See our website for more information.


 Moth fly.  Photo by Laura Jesse.

Moth fly. Photo by Laura Jesse.


We have also received some stored product pests including rice weevils, which we do not see that often.  Rice weevils feed on whole grains only, so they will not infest flour, crackers, cake mixes, etc like our other stored product pests.  Common items infested in homes are rice, whole corn kernels, bird seed, bean bag chairs or other bean/rice stuffed items.  Please see our information note on rice weevils.