Two Different Beetles with Similar Names

Two insects with similar-sounding names are present in Iowa. Though they are nothing alike, the names sound enough alike to cause confusion. Here are the two beetles.

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle: Multicolored Asian lady beetle (or ladybug) is a beneficial predator that eats aphids and other smalll insects during the summer.  It is most noticeable in the fall when the day-lengths shorten and beetles migrate  from trees, gardens and fields to the sunny sides of the building and wandering indoors, becoming an annoying though harmless, household nuisance. MALB is found everywhere in the state.  Please see our website for information on ladybug control in the fall of the year. 

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle.  Photo by Marlin Rice

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle. Photo by Marlin Rice


Japanese Beetle:  The Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) is a plant-feeding Junebug found in a most of Iowa.  See the current reported distribution at

This colorful member of the Junebug group is present from late June through August when it feeds on the foliage flowers and fruits of garden and landscape plants, especially roses, grapes and linden trees.  Read more about Japanese beetles in Iowa at

Japanese Beetle.  Photo by Laura Jesse

Japanese Beetle. Photo by Laura Jesse



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