Plant and Insect Diagnostic Clinic Update - October 8, 2008

News Article

The following are a few of the samples or questions received the past two weeks.


Horsehair worms are an interesting part of the fall landscape. These extremely long and slender (hair-like) roundworms are parasites that live inside the body of crickets. The crickets are attracted to water as the parasite finishes development and the worm breaks free from the cricket body (ala the movie "Aliens") and swims away in the stock tank, pond, pet watering dish, toilet stool or even wet soil. See our website for more information.

As far as we know there are still no emerald ash borers in Iowa. The multi-agency emerald ash borer (EAB) project team has completed the visual survey for the year and found no symptoms or signs of EAB on 1200 inspected ash trees at 235 sites in 55 counties. Six hundred and fifty purple panel traps were deployed with negative results for panels that have been processed. Mark Shour, ISU Extension Program Specialist, reminds us this is good news for Iowa after the depressing discovery of EAB in Wisconsin and Missouri this summer. Please refer to our EAB web site and the national EAB web site for more details.


Emerald ash borer panel trap.  Photo by Virgil Schmitt.Emerald ash borer panel trap. Photo by Virgil Schmitt.