All-America Vegetable Selection Winners for 2003

News Article

In trials conducted in more than 40 sites across the United States and Canada, two vegetable cultivars were chosen as All-America Selection winners for 2003. To receive this award, the selection must possess unique or improved characteristics compared with similar existing cultivars on the market.

Below are brief descriptions of the 2003 All-America Selection recipients.

Melon 'Angel'

'Angel' has a lightly netted skin, a white interior, and very sweet flavor. The vines spread 6 to 7 feet yielding 2-3-pound melons. Harvest the melons when the netted melon skin turns a creamy yellow.

Approximate developmental time from young plants to harvest stage is 60 days. 'Angel' prefers a full sun location and is resistant to two races of Fusarium.

Summer Squash 'Papaya Pear'

'Papaya Pear' is an early cultivar as harvest is reported to be about 40-50 days from sowing seed. The shape of the squash is similar to a papaya. 'Papaya Pear' is a semi-bush type plant, which requires less garden space. To keep plants in an active producing stage, pick squash at a young age. Full sun is needed for best results.

This article originally appeared in the March 7, 2003 issue, p. 19.